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His Majesty’s Dragon: Adventure with dragons in the time of Napoleon Bonaparte!

Recommended for people who like alternate history and adventure, especially those who like character work more than (or as much as) action. No romance–the focus is very much on the captain and his dragon. In an alternate history where dragons … Continue reading

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Clarke’s Law: Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic

I wasn’t going to use any more Agents of SHIELD examples to talk about science, but this show just keeps giving me fodder. I’m ignoring a lot of it, actually. This week, the Science Cannot Comprehend Phlebotinum trope showed up. … Continue reading

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Thor 2: Fun and funny, but could have used a little bit more Loki

This week’s Agents of SHIELD is going to be a tie-in to the Thor movie (due to the evil genius of Marvel, probably). So, yes, I fell for the obvious marketing ploy and went to see the movie in theaters. … Continue reading

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Movies in Real Life: Uplifting and Funny Web Series

Improv Everywhere is an organization that stages scenes to entertain and amuse people. They currently have a series going, where they enact a scene from a movie in a public place, and it’s fantastic. So far they’ve done The Matrix, … Continue reading

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Doctor Who: Who is Clara Oswald? Second half of season seven

The second half of season 7 was a little underwhelming. Not bad by any means, and I still enjoyed it (it is Doctor Who), but it was coming off of the spectacular first half of the season. By comparison, it … Continue reading

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