Movies in Real Life: Uplifting and Funny Web Series

Improv Everywhere is an organization that stages scenes to entertain and amuse people. They currently have a series going, where they enact a scene from a movie in a public place, and it’s fantastic.

So far they’ve done The Matrix, Indiana Jones, and more. My personal favorite has to be Back To The Future, though, for the sheer perfection in its execution:

The costuming for the Jurassic Park episode and the prop-work in the Indiana Jones episode also made them standouts, but every episode so far has been great. I imagine a lot of people appreciate the daring of the When Harry Met Sally episode, too.

I recommend the series, even if you haven’t seen all of the movies–it’s still entertaining to watch the scenes enacted in front of unsuspecting (and rather lucky) bystanders.

Another recent Improv Everywhere highlight not included in this series involves an unsuspecting customer walking into a bar, and ending up in the 1860s:

EDIT: Now that the Harry Potter in Real Life video is out, I realized I was there in Penn Station that day, and had a friend point out the owl to me over by Auntie Anne’s. I even briefly wondered if Improv Everywhere was behind it, but I didn’t talk to him or make the Harry Potter connection.

Lost opportunities, right?

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