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Happy Holidays! And a Roundup, with some Science-themed Media and a Few Jokes

Happy holidays, everyone! There isn’t going to be a post next week, so this one’s going to have to count for both Christmas and New Years. I’ll try to include some funny stuff. First up, this one should be appreciated … Continue reading

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Kushiel’s Legacy: To Err On the Side of Compassion

It’s time to talk about an old favorite epic fantasy series, with doorstopper books, recommended for anyone who loves adventure, history, travel, intrigue, or mythology. Romantic subplot. Kushiel’s Legacy, in which the first book is Kushiel’s Dart. In an alternate … Continue reading

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Mass Effect Trilogy: The Lawless take to Space

The Mass Effect trilogy is a series of sci-fi RPG games following Commander Shepard, a customizable character who rises as a protector of the galaxy. All three games follow the story of one character, which can be imported from one … Continue reading

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In Which Legend of Korra Ends the Season with Utter, Epic Amazingness

Wow. Just, wow. This season was a game changer for the entire series–not just Korra’s story, but Avatar: The Last Airbender too. But first, let’s back up. Korra is the Avatar, perpetually reincarnated so that she can maintain balance in … Continue reading

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