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Orphan Black: Hint of Sci-fi, Lots of Thriller

I just watched the first season of Orphan Black (in like, two days). And wow, does it starts off great and keeps its momentum–accomplishing more in ten episodes than I’m used to seeing from most full series (hint: I’m thinking … Continue reading

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Reality Ensues: Water is Life

I got a story in my email. When I read stories, I usually prefer the fictional ones. The tragedies might be representative of real life, might be capable of teaching about different experiences and problems–but there’s that extra space between … Continue reading

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Caper, new superhero web series

This post is out a bit later, and is a bit shorter, than I’d intended–I got sick this week and didn’t get as much done, which isn’t a great thing considering my quals are coming up. Anyway, short review today, … Continue reading

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The Golem and the Jinni by Helene Wecker, historical fantasy in NYC

This novel is about beginnings and new beginnings. It’s about immigrant communities, and what the dream of America has meant to so many people for so long. Multiple POVs, with some minor romantic subplots that aren’t really the point of … Continue reading

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Graduate School, and the Next Hurdle: Qualifying Exams

It might be hard to tell from my content blogging, but I’m starting to slowly freak out as I head towards the next major event in my graduate school career: Quals. The first part of my qualifying exam is coming … Continue reading

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Roundup: Catching Fire and Tamora Pierce

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire This movie went by fast. I’d read the book some time back, but I wasn’t bored for a moment even knowing where the story was going. When I watched the first Hunger Games movie last … Continue reading

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