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Science Round-up! Captain America’s Shield, Time Travel, and Spotting Bad Science

Just sharing a few interesting science and science in the media links: Why Captain America’s Shield Is Basically a Star-Spangled Supercapacitor. “The Stuff We Don’t Do,” by Marissa Lingen This story is too short for me to give too much away, but … Continue reading

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The Hugo-nominated Novel, Parasite, by Mira Grant

Genre: Science fiction horror. Yes, really. Synopsis: It’s the future, and SymboGen Corporation has long since developed the Intestinal Bodyguard, a tapeworm living inside of people that manages their health and provides their medications without them ever having to do … Continue reading

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Doctor Comments on the Realism of Game of Thrones Injuries

Here’s a link to an article, the likes of which we should definitely have more. A doctor answers questions about the injuries characters receive on Game of Thrones. I really wish I saw more articles where people consulted with experts … Continue reading

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Captain America: The Winter Soldier

I can’t say too much about this movie, because everything is a spoiler. So, spoiler-free review, but shorter as a consequence. Verdict: This has to be the best superhero movie I’ve seen since The Avengers. I’d missed going to the theater … Continue reading

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Starters by Lissa Price, YA Dystopia

Synopsis: Only the young and the old, as the most vulnerable populations, received the vaccine against the genocide spores before it was too late. Everyone else died. This lead to a shift of power in the direction of the elderly, … Continue reading

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Divergent, On Reading the Book After Watching the Movie

Now that I’ve seen the Divergent movie and have been relatively unimpressed by it, I decided to follow it up by reading the book immediately afterwards, on the suspicion that there were aspects of the story that would work better … Continue reading

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The Divergent Movie, Prior to Reading the Book

It was okay. Nothing special. I wanted to like it, because I want this female protagonist in an adventure/action role YA trend to continue, but it was just kind of there. I haven’t read the book, which might have made … Continue reading

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