Doctor Comments on the Realism of Game of Thrones Injuries

Here’s a link to an article, the likes of which we should definitely have more.

A doctor answers questions about the injuries characters receive on Game of Thrones.

I really wish I saw more articles where people consulted with experts about the depiction of whatever is in the media. That’s the second best option, behind media putting a larger effort into being more realistic. Don’t think realism in media is important? Check out Television is Trying To Kill Us on TV Tropes, my reference page for this kind of thing.

Just a few weeks ago, when three characters got shot on a TV show (two in the head, one in the stomach), people were actually arguing in the comments on Hulu that it was suspicious one had “only” been shot in the stomach, and that the shooter clearly intended for the person to survive the injury. I swear, if this turns out to be true, I will lose a lot of brain cells by the time I finish banging my head against a wall.

Back to the article, I really loved the doctor’s response when asked if Joffrey’s personality can be explained by inbreeding. She managed the perfect response, even in written format. Though I have no idea if MTV was going for the funny, or didn’t actually know what the risks of inbreeding are.

Put simply: if two people who have a child are related, there’s a higher chance they both have a “bad version” of the same gene. And therefore there’s a higher chance that the kid gets two “bad versions” of the same gene, and no “good version”. (Each parent would have one “good version” and one “bad version”, in this case.)

MTV definitely tried to push the article in a more sensationalist direction, but that’s no surprise. Although, one of their conclusions was that Jaime was “riddled with STDs” from Cersei, and really, the STDs would have been Robert Baratheon’s fault.

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4 Responses to Doctor Comments on the Realism of Game of Thrones Injuries

  1. Psycho Gecko says:

    Cersei wouldn’t have had much of a chance for STDs from Robert. She only slept with him like once. Still a chance, but a reduced one.

    And yeah, there’s the whole genetics thing too. People tend to overestimate the effects of it. Not saying everyone should be having kids with relatives, but it won’t necessarily mess up your kids genetically. Psychologically, maybe. But there’s a reason why “kissing cousins” is a term.

    • Marie Erving says:

      She has three kids that Robert thought were his. So, at least three times, with no protection. I have no idea what the chances of contraction are–wikipedia makes it seem like some might be high, but I don’t want to rely just on wikipedia.

      Psychological aspects depend on culture, because there are a lot of cultures where consanguineous marriages are more accepted or even encouraged. I just tried to look up the increase in risk for children of consanguineous marriages, and I’m kind of surprised. I thought it would be higher. Still, for people like Cersei and Jaime, who are part of an aristocratic lineage that probably contained a long history of inbreeding (much like European royalty, historically), I imagine the risk is probably much higher.

      • Psycho Gecko says:

        Nah. Maybe she didn’t say in the show, but in the books she admits she only had sex with him once. It’s when she was talking with Ned Stark in the Godswood. She said that all the other times, he would come to bed too drunk to remember anything and she’d just use other methods she had learned, but she never let him in her since the first time. She never got over Robert calling her by Ned’s sister’s name.

      • Marie Erving says:

        Huh, didn’t remember that. Probably because I read the first book almost a decade ago.

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