Geek and Sundry’s Unplugged: Video Gaming in Real Life

Short posts this week, because I have an application due next week and don’t even have time to edit pre-written long posts. It almost makes me wonder what the point of pre-writing posts is.

Anyway, Geek and Sundry has a new show–it isn’t fictional, but it’s very entertaining nonetheless. In each episode, Youtubers compete in both a video game of a particular genre and in the real life version of that video game.

In the first episode, they play League of Legends and take command of an army of LARPers for the real life version.

A nice touch in some later episodes is spicing up the video game portion by–well, as an example, players played a farming game while in the back of hay truck. (And then they chased chickens, but that’s a different story).

It’s a really fun idea, to mix the gaming experience with some real life experience–although I never would have guessed real life fighter pilot simulations were a thing.

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