Best Friendship in Media Outside of Books

My follow up post to my Top Ten Tuesday list.

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Firefly (TV, sci-fi): The crew of the spaceship, Serenity, exist on the outskirts of the Alliance, getting by one job at a time.

Of course, Firefly. The nine protagonists are the crew of a spaceship, and the only ones on it. They have their animosities, and they don’t take to each other right away. But the core of the series is how, despite all their disparate problems, they pull together and develop a strong dynamic defined by loyalty.

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Fairy Tail (anime, fantasy): A guild of wizards takes mercenary-style missions and occasionally saves the world.

This series is so shonen that it hurts, and the Power of Friendship dominates all. Of course, this is an example of really good shonen, no matter how generic. The characters are varied and many, and they generally get chances to work out their differences with everyone else. Sometimes, developing that loyalty to friends and guild is the character journey. And everyone has a backstory, and the baggage to go along with it. Every single character.

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Being Human (TV, supernatural): A vampire, and werewolf, and a ghost live together and try to live their lives as their respective supernatural worlds keep trying to claim them.

This friendship is the entire core of the series. It’s what the plot is based on, so it takes priority over everything else in this series. I love that. I’m not current on the series, but two seasons of it have already established the support and friendship the main trio provide each other, as they all struggle with what they are.

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Doctor Who (TV, sci-fi): A time-traveling alien protects humanity from invasions, injustice, and themselves.

If I had to be pick out my favorite friendships in this show, it would be the Doctor and Donna, followed by the Doctor and Rory. Donna has to be my favorite companion so far; she and the Doctor have a very close rapport, and their dynamic is wonderful. Donna does a great job of keeping the Doctor in line, which is what he needs most of the time. They’ve never even had a hint of a romantic relationship between them, and after three seasons of the Doctor’s doomed loves, this was truly a relief.

For Rory, it’s a little different. The Doctor is his wife’s best friend, and there had been moments of jealousy between them in the past, but I love that they came out of it in a genuine way. People are set against each other too often, so when the alternatives are well done, it really works for me.

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Durarara!! (anime, supernatural): Three friends each with their own secrets live in a district of Tokyo, where gangs prowl and one headless fairy tries to make a living while searching for that missing head. None of these characters are ordinary, even if they appear to be. Everyone’s involved in something.

The main trio isn’t the only group of friends in the series, or even necessarily the only “main” group. They’re just our starting point. But they have an interesting dynamic in that they all have their own thing going on, that their friends don’t necessarily know about yet. And how they all deal with their own roles in what is happening in the neighborhood in relation to how that’s going to affect the people they care about is really fun.

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Gunnerkrigg Court (webcomic, urban fantasy/sci-fi): The antisocial Antimony goes to a rather odd boarding school, which is in conflict with magical beings of a nearby forest.

The staple of the series is the friendship between Antimony and Kat. Antimony starts getting a lot more friends when she starts coming out of her socially aloof thing, as well, and there’s definitely more of a cooperative feel to the story as that happens.

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Haibane Renmei (anime, unclassifiable?/slice of life?): It’s hard to say exactly what this series is about–there are these people, but what exactly they are is a mystery, even to them. It’s pretty much impossible to describe to anyone who hasn’t seen it.

But the friendships that are formed are a large part of how the characters get through what they need to get through. I’m not 100% sure what that is, but it was really cool to watch.

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Suburban Knights (web series, comedic supernatural): All of the internet reviewers on decide to cosplay and role-play a treasure hunt, which then turns out to be real and way more dangerous than they knew.

This was essentially made by a group of friends/co-workers. Much better than many similarly premised works, primarily because of the character interaction. It’s filled with conflict within the group balanced by the notion that they’re all still in this together.

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