Geek and Sundry’s new ‘Spooked’, and Dystopia

A new web series by Geek and Sundry, this supernatural comedy follows a paranormal investigations team as they investigate hauntings in possibly the most unprofessional manner ever.

I liked the pilot, posted above. The guest stars were fantastic, and they’re our introduction into the series.

It’s cute, and funny. The characters have potential (although almost every single one of them needs to be sat down and explained to the basics of personal space and consent). They veery heavily towards immaturity, but that just means there’s plenty of room for character growth.

I’m enjoying it, and I’m definitely going to keep watching.

Another thing I wanted to highlight this week was this take on the realism the dystopian system in The Hunger Games:

I don’t think the parallel to gladiatorial games in Rome is quite as strong as suggested here–the missing factor is that the Games were meant to mean something to the districts, to be a way of reminding them to keep their heads down and be grateful it’s happening to someone else. I don’t think anyone cared what the gladiators thought, outside of the slave population (which was, admittedly, huge).

Still, a lot of interesting thoughts, though I stand by my earlier assertion that realism isn’t necessarily the point of dystopia.

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2 Responses to Geek and Sundry’s new ‘Spooked’, and Dystopia

  1. I also enjoy Spooked! =) although, maybe because I’m British, I don’t find it funny at all but still I enjoy watching it. It’s like Ghostfacers from supernatural but as a web series xD

    • Marie Erving says:

      Well, British comedies are generally funnier than American ones. Personally, I settle for anything that doesn’t embarrass the characters being made fun of. I’m not even sure that these characters understand what embarrassment is, so it’s all good for me.

      And yay, nice to know people are watching the things I like!

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