Article Discussing Scientist Comments on Use of Terminology

10 Scientific Ideas That Scientists Wish You Would Stop Misusing

An article came out on i09 featuring quotes from scientists, explaining often misunderstood concepts. Some of these explanations are a little technical–which makes sense, since technical terminology is very familiar to the scientists using it. And some concepts are hard to explain without technical language, which exists to address these particular concepts.

The most accessible explanations to a lay audience are numbers 4 (Learned vs. Innate), 5 (Natural), and 9 (Geologic Timescales).

And it’s nice to see the topic of “natural” on this list, because I’m often confused about what “unnatural” really means. Everything that exists occurs in the natural world. Or it wouldn’t exist.

The explanation for #1 (Proof) is a little convoluted, but the last sentence gets the point across nicely. I’d also like to emphasize the point of this section: There are no facts in science. Facts are unscientific.

Anyway, just wanted to take a moment to highlight this article. Yay for communication of any kind.


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