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Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Authors I Own The Most Books From

From The Broke and the Bookish, a new Top Ten Tuesday topic. Looks like series authors have a serious advantage, for this list. Also long-standing authors. I’m only counting full-length novels. 1. Kelley Armstrong Books Owned: 19 Genre: Urban fantasy, YA urban … Continue reading

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Agents of SHIELD: Oh, the Irony!

I’m sorry, did anyone thing I would stop talking about the current Whedon TV project just because it’s between seasons? Before season 2 hits (which will have Lucy Lawless–-it’s like my childhood dream come true), I do want to spend … Continue reading

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Mistborn: The Final Empire, On Taking on Tyrannical Emperor-Gods

Genre: Epic Fantasy Synopsis: The Lord Ruler is the God of his empire–he’s immortal, he’s powerful, and he’s physically present. The nobility are descended from his friends, from people who helped him establish his rule. The mistreated skaa are descended … Continue reading

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Review Round-up: Maleficent and The Curse of Chalion

Maleficent Genre: Fairy Tale Retelling Synopsis: A retelling of Sleeping Beauty featuring Maleficent as the main anti-hero. Verdict: The concept is way better than the execution. The story itself had potential, and if it were told in the same short … Continue reading

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Orphan Black S2: Character Development and Motherhood

Premise: In S1, Sarah Manning found out that there were people who looked just like her, and that they being monitored unknowingly as part of some experiment–except that she had someone fallen through the cracks. Unfortunately, coming across these women exposed … Continue reading

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