Neurobiologist Comments on ‘Lucy’, and Volume Three of Thalia’s Musings is Impending

Ask and you shall receive?

Remember when I was happy that an actual doctor commented on Game of Thrones? Now a neurobiologist has commented on the science in the movie Lucy.

Here’s the article, up at World Science Festival.

I haven’t actually seen Lucy, so no comment there. It stars Scarlet Johansson as an unfortunate who accidentally develops nigh-omnipotent superpowers. I was thinking about watching it to support the female protagonist trend, and maybe even support the argument for making a Black Widow movie. But I was hesitant about the omnipotent protagonist plot line, and now I’m hesitant about the realism.

On another positive note, Volume Three of Thalia’s Musings will begin posting tomorrow! Thalia’s Musings is a Greek mythology retelling, told from the perspective of one of the Muses. It’s also one of my favorite web serials.

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