Bardic Impulses (formerly Marie Erving) is Moving

My new blog is here.

When I first started this blog, it was for a school project, three years ago. The point was to create a blog that we would continue to use even after the end of the class, and I always figured I would need a blog sooner or later anyway–because I wrote, and because I would eventually do something with that writing.

Obviously, three years makes a difference, and some of my ideas have changed in the meantime. For one, I came up with a pen name I would want to use in the future and used that as a title and URL. Now, I think I’m better off with a different title–and possibly a different pen name. I’ve thought about it, and while I can’t imagine using my full name like a brand, I want at least my first name to be accurate. Of course, that leaves me with a URL that isn’t indicative of any name I want to use, and no certainty that I won’t get any other new ideas for how to use my name in the future.

So I’m going to restart where I should have started in the first place (if I’d known better)–with a blog titled Bardic Impulses and a URL to match, and writing the content that still comes most easily to me–my thoughts and reviews of SFF media. Sprinkled with a little bit of complaining about portrayal of science in the media and information about the biomedical science field.

I’m sorry for any inconvenience this might cause–given that I’m not putting any more pen names in the URL of a site, this shouldn’t ever happen again. I figured I might as well make changes like this sooner, rather than later.

I’m going to leave this blog up, so the content stays up. And continue as I was from the new Bardic Impulses.

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  1. Amethyst says:

    Followed the new blog and looking forward to content there 🙂

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