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Predictions on Redemption on Agents of SHIELD, Through the Lens of Whedon-Verse Shows, Part I

Fine, internet. You win. Let’s systematically go through the history of redemption on Joss Whedon shows. Spoilers for Agents of SHIELD, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel. My first instinct when I saw Ward go bad (or reveal himself as bad) … Continue reading

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Book of a Thousand Days by Shannon Hale: Fairy tales and being worth happy endings

Recommended for: those looking for a straightforward YA fairy tale retelling where the heroine isn’t a princess, protagonists with cheerful personalities, or a fantasy setting not inspired by Western Europe. There’s romance (it is a fairy tale, after all), but … Continue reading

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Video Roundup: Hollywood stereotypes, graduation comedy, and cosplay

First video is another comedy song from Rhett and Link, about graduating. It’s probably not a surprise anymore that I think they write some funny songs. The next video is from Mama Hope, dealing with Hollywood Stereotypes of African Men. … Continue reading

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Masters of Tragedy, Part I: Joss Whedon and Gen Urobuchi

Last week, I had the idea of comparing the great masters of tragic character deaths: Joss Whedon, GRRM, and Gen Urobuchi. If we’re talking tragedy that hurts, as a theme for a creator, I could probably add Guy Gavriel Kay … Continue reading

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Tea ceremonies, rice paper, and flower arrangements; this year’s Sakura Matsuri experience at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

Once again, I went to the Sakura Matsuri festival at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. One of the first things we did was go to a traditional Japanese flower arrangement demonstration–there are different schools for this, and I think that the demonstration … Continue reading

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A-Z About Me

Maggie, of I Could Be Arguing In My Spare Time, nominated me for the Awesome Blog Content award. Thank you, Maggie! So the task set to me for this award is to write an A-Z list about myself. Adventure – … Continue reading

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