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Weird Science in Black Bullet, and Parasitic Wasps

Black Bullet, an anime which I will absolutely not continue watching, is worth mentioning to muse a bit about¬†the biology of its premise. Premise: 10 years ago, a parasitic virus nearly wipes out humanity, before people discover a metal called … Continue reading

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Graduate School, and the Next Hurdle: Qualifying Exams

It might be hard to tell from my content blogging, but I’m starting to slowly freak out as I head towards the next major event in my graduate school career: Quals. The first part of my qualifying exam is coming … Continue reading

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Happy Holidays! And a Roundup, with some Science-themed Media and a Few Jokes

Happy holidays, everyone! There isn’t going to be a post next week, so this one’s going to have to count for both Christmas and New Years. I’ll try to include some funny stuff. First up, this one should be appreciated … Continue reading

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Portrayal of Science in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Pilot

I loved the pilot, but let’s talk about Truth in Television or lack thereof for the more science-y things in it. First, the good. Having three people on the team covering the scientific/technical aspects? Thank you. It’s still too little, … Continue reading

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Lab Talk: The Next Stage of Graduate School

So, good news! I have a lab. New let me backtrack and explain what that means. As a student in a PhD program, my first year, I did rotations. This means that I worked for a few months in different … Continue reading

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Humanoid aliens and mutated species in sci-fi

I talked about the Defiance pilot earlier this week, and its story line. Now I want to present my personal opinions on a few biology type things in the story–proof that having a healthy capacity to suspend disbelief is useful. … Continue reading

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As I’m not around this weekend, this post is going to be pretty short, just content sharing, and very academia themed. First is a sort of parody re-imagining of Goyte’s song about budding yeast biology: Oh,¬†Saccharomyces cerevisiae (otherwise known as … Continue reading

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