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Review of Dragon Age: Inquisition’s New DLC, Jaws of Hakkon

Jaws of Hakkon Genre: Fantasy RPG Synopsis: A message to the Inquisition pertaining to the history of the previous Inquisition of 800 years ago opens up a new open-world are in the main game, with some tangential though not uninteresting story … Continue reading

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The Killing Moon: Fantasy Grounded in Humanity’s Flaws, Wisdom, and Vision

Genre: Fantasy Synopsis: Gatherers are priests who harness the power of dreams for healing and peaceful death of souls judged corrupt. They are never to use this power for selfish ends. After a tragic mishap in enacting his duty, Gather … Continue reading

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The Last Stormlord: Struggle for Agency

Genre: Dark Fantasy Synopsis: Everyone relies on Cloudmasters to supply water. Unfortunately, the last Cloudmaster is old and his power is failing. People are already in danger of thirst, and there are no Cloudmasters to help him or take over … Continue reading

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Mistborn: The Final Empire, On Taking on Tyrannical Emperor-Gods

Genre: Epic Fantasy Synopsis: The Lord Ruler is the God of his empire–he’s immortal, he’s powerful, and he’s physically present. The nobility are descended from his friends, from people who helped him establish his rule. The mistreated skaa are descended … Continue reading

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Kushiel’s Legacy: To Err On the Side of Compassion

It’s time to talk about an old favorite epic fantasy series, with doorstopper books, recommended for anyone who loves adventure, history, travel, intrigue, or mythology. Romantic subplot. Kushiel’s Legacy, in which the first book is Kushiel’s Dart. In an alternate … Continue reading

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