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Roundup: Mortal Kombat, Coppelion, Gastro Geek

Mortal Kombat: Legacy II For those of us who’d like to see more fantasy-esque web series with something resembling a budget, the second season of Mortal Kombat: Legacy came out last month. The Mortal Kombat games feature a tournament where … Continue reading

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What Stories are Worth Following Online? Roundup: Sci-fi, Superheroes, and Science!

What online media am I following right now and why? This is a slightly shortened list, since the actual list would probably be too long, and I’d have forgotten stuff anyway. Co-Optitude (web series) Felicia and Ryan Day play retro … Continue reading

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This post lacks a theme, but has many links and a tiny almost-rant

First off, I created a new page this week, where I list standing recommendations for works across different types of media, for anyone interested. There’s a link somewhere at the top of the page. Additionally, I just found out that … Continue reading

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“Top Ten Favorite Authors in Fantasy”

Another Top Ten Tuesday from the Broke and the Bookish, this one is for┬áTop Ten Favorite Authors In X Genre. What else could I pick but fantasy? I’m going to restrict myself to 8 for books, then add 2 additional … Continue reading

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The Guild, web series about gaming

Now that season 6 of the Guild has premiered on Geek and Sundry yesterday, I wanted to talk about this series, created by Felicia Day. She’s kind of a pioneer with web series, for those who don’t know. Personally, I … Continue reading

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“Write Like the Wind”, Convergence of Paul and Storm, GRRM, and Jeff Lewis

It’s seriously awesome that Paul and Storm wrote a GRRM song with Jeff Lewis (from the Guild) starring in the video, and that it’s on Felicia Day’s channel, Geek and Sundry. I would like to point out that I personally … Continue reading

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Internet Videos: Avengers, Stan Lee, Swing

There’s a lot of cool stuff on the internet, so much so that sometimes the best stuff is hard to find. So I decided to share some cool one-off videos. As a bonus, each video is somehow connected to the … Continue reading

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