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Roundup: LARP, Tabletop, and Fate/Stay Night

LARP The Series Synopsis: The show follows (fictional) snippets of the lives of a group of LARP players–both in-game and out. Series: First season. I’ve Watched: Up to episode 7. Verdict: Fun Another web series on Geek and Sundry, told … Continue reading

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Progression of geeky likes, inspired by Geek and Sundry Vlogs

The topic for a recent vlog from Geek and Sundry Vlogs was coming out as a geek–but since it wasn’t really a secret with respect to either of the people talking about it, it turned more into a discussion of … Continue reading

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In Defense of The Big Bang Theory (the show)

One of the few sitcoms I actually like is Big Bang Theory. Interestingly enough, this has come under attack a few times. One of the criticisms I’ve heard is that it’s too stereotypical, which is definitely a fair point. The … Continue reading

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“Write Like the Wind”, Convergence of Paul and Storm, GRRM, and Jeff Lewis

It’s seriously awesome that Paul and Storm wrote a GRRM song with Jeff Lewis (from the Guild) starring in the video, and that it’s on Felicia Day’s channel, Geek and Sundry. I would like to point out that I personally … Continue reading

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