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Graduate School, and the Next Hurdle: Qualifying Exams

It might be hard to tell from my content blogging, but I’m starting to slowly freak out as I head towards the next major event in my graduate school career: Quals. The first part of my qualifying exam is coming … Continue reading

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Lab Talk: The Next Stage of Graduate School

So, good news! I have a lab. New let me backtrack and explain what that means. As a student in a PhD program, my first year, I did rotations. This means that I worked for a few months in different … Continue reading

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PHD Comics, Illustrated 2 Minute Thesis

Okay, so it’s not science, but it’s related to grad school and it’s really cool. This is an illustrated two minute explanation of a graduate student’s thesis project, dealing with language and culture by observing children in a Sherpa community. … Continue reading

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The Simpsons on Grad School

End of the semester, going into the holidays. So how do I feel at the end of my first semester? Mostly tired. I’m sure you guys can imagine. Anyway, here’s a video comedy that gives an impression about how grad … Continue reading

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