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Weird Science in Black Bullet, and Parasitic Wasps

Black Bullet, an anime which I will absolutely not continue watching, is worth mentioning to muse a bit about the biology of its premise. Premise: 10 years ago, a parasitic virus nearly wipes out humanity, before people discover a metal called … Continue reading

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Happy Holidays! And a Roundup, with some Science-themed Media and a Few Jokes

Happy holidays, everyone! There isn’t going to be a post next week, so this one’s going to have to count for both Christmas and New Years. I’ll try to include some funny stuff. First up, this one should be appreciated … Continue reading

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Media Roundup: Catching up on Warehouse 13, Finished the 1st Girl Genius novel and Psycho Pass

I’m finally getting my posts in order. Sorry about last week! It’s my second week in a new lab, and that always takes a little adjustment. Warehouse 13 Premise – A secret government branch is charged with tracking down and … Continue reading

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The Premise of Girl Genius: Mad Scientists Ruling the World

I’ve mentioned the webcomic, Girl Genius, a few times before. This comic has won the Hugo award for Best Graphic Story three years in a row, the first three years when the award was in existence. The creators Kaja and … Continue reading

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The Doctor: Anti-hero, Alien, Smart Guy

Let’s talk Doctor Who. There’s a lot I could go on to say about this show, and I’m sure I’ll get into more eventually because I really love it. For now, let’s just talk about the main hero and why … Continue reading

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Top 10 Favorite Snarky Characters Across TV, Movies, Books, and Web Media

That’s a pretty ambitious list to make, isn’t it? Oh well. I probably don’t need to tell anyone that this is going to be heavily biased. There are characters I haven’t included that I might have included if I’d made … Continue reading

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The Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage

This webcomic is dedicated to chronicling the (fictional) exploits of two historical figures in the field of science. Specifically computers. Which is impressive, because computers as we know them hadn’t even been invented yet (we’re talking 19th century). Also of … Continue reading

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