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Anticipating the Fall TV and Anime Season

Since the new TV season is coming up, I’m going to throw in a brief statement on Warehouse 13’s latest season, and then run down what I’m thinking of watching this fall and why. Warehouse 13, season 4: The series … Continue reading

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Media Roundup: Endings, and also some Medieval Combat

This week’s post is going to be a little bit more of a roundup, rather than focused on one thing. Innkeeper Chronicles (web serial), Once Upon a Time (TV), and The History Channel: Great Battles Medieval (game) are the topics. … Continue reading

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Magic versus science, references to in fantasy fiction

I sometimes feel like I’m nitpicking with some of the science comments I make about shows, but this is probably a good way to point out the problems with perceptions about science. So, onward. Once Upon a Time has been fantastic … Continue reading

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Segue into Science: Eureka and IQ

Here’s another post where I look at the semi-mad science show Eureka and bring up something that bothers me. So, most of the characters are PhDs and among the top scientists in their fields. And I’ve noticed they say “IQ” … Continue reading

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Coming up and the Fall TV season

Hello everyone, I’m going to be at New York Comic Con this weekend, which is very awesome. Hopefully, I’ll have plenty to talk about after that. Just as soon as I finish these midterms… Anyway, I wanted to let everyone … Continue reading

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