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Season Two of The 100: Hard Choices, Survival, and Living with it Afterwards

The 100 Genre: Post-apocalyptic, sci-fi Synopsis: S1: A nuclear war has left Earth uninhabitable, and the air on a spaceship containing remnants of the human race is running out. Out of desperation, those governing the spaceship decide to send 100 … Continue reading

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The Immortal Rules: Humanity versus Survival

Genre: Post-apoc/urban fantasy Synopsis: Allie is an Unregistered–this means she isn’t on the list to give blood regularly to the vampires ruling her city, but it also means she isn’t approved for the rights of the Registered. Like having jobs. … Continue reading

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Unabashed love for Attack on Titan; oh yeah, and link to Game of Thrones twitter reactions, for the brave

First off, a big event happened on Game of Thrones this week, something that those of us who read the book have been waiting for. And the reactions, oh the reactions. There’s a twitter account dedicated to retweeting reactions to this specific … Continue reading

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