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Psycho Pass 2: A badass heroine runs the show

Genre: Dystopia/Sci-fi/Seinen Synopsis: Everyone’s psychological state is constantly monitored, to catch the potential for violence before it happens. Unhealthy psychological profiles are met with therapy, incarceration, or execution depending on the circumstances. Last season, we got to know the world, how … Continue reading

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Masters of Tragedy, Part I: Joss Whedon and Gen Urobuchi

Last week, I had the idea of comparing the great masters of tragic character deaths: Joss Whedon, GRRM, and Gen Urobuchi. If we’re talking tragedy that hurts, as a theme for a creator, I could probably add Guy Gavriel Kay … Continue reading

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Media Roundup: Catching up on Warehouse 13, Finished the 1st Girl Genius novel and Psycho Pass

I’m finally getting my posts in order. Sorry about last week! It’s my second week in a new lab, and that always takes a little adjustment. Warehouse 13 Premise – A secret government branch is charged with tracking down and … Continue reading

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