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The Last Stormlord: Struggle for Agency

Genre: Dark Fantasy Synopsis: Everyone relies on Cloudmasters to supply water. Unfortunately, the last Cloudmaster is old and his power is failing. People are already in danger of thirst, and there are no Cloudmasters to help him or take over … Continue reading

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The Bone Palace by Amanda Downum: Necromancy, subterfuge, and dark secrets in a diverse and divided city

Synopsis: A necromancer serving the Crown pursues the murder of a prostitute in possession of a royal ring (that should have been buried in the tomb of a queen, under a heavy protection spell). She finds herself neck-deep in dangerous … Continue reading

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Doctor Who, First Half of Season 7: 3/5 Pack an Emotional Punch

Doctor Who, in which an alien time traveler and his companions protect humanity from threats. Most of this post is going to deal with the highlights in the first half of the 7th season, so it’ll be mostly interesting to … Continue reading

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The Wolverine: Wherein the trailer is not like the movie in ways that make me sad

Verdict on The Wolverine: It was okay. A little boring, unlike the first movie which was at least hilariously bad. A lot of people genuinely enjoyed it, though, so maybe it just didn’t work for me personally. There be some … Continue reading

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Iron Man 3, because it had to happen eventually

Saw the latest Iron Man last Friday, in 2D–I heard the 3D wasn’t really worth it from some trusted sources. This made getting the ticket interesting, because the regular 2D version was noted as “Iron Man 3 D”. Apparently the … Continue reading

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Dragon Age: Origins, fantasy RPG

In this game, the player is a Grey Warden, dedicated to fighting the darkspawn threat (this game’s looming evil side. However, the country is in chaos, and the player needs to amass a unified force, all the while making decisions … Continue reading

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Midnight Blue-Light Special (Incryptid series), urban fantasy

The second book in Seanan McGuire’s cryptozoology themed urban fantasy came out last week. Thanks to a well placed biochemistry exam, I didn’t manage to post about it the week of its release. Oh well. The first book is Discount … Continue reading

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