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Media Roundup: Catching up on Warehouse 13, Finished the 1st Girl Genius novel and Psycho Pass

I’m finally getting my posts in order. Sorry about last week! It’s my second week in a new lab, and that always takes a little adjustment. Warehouse 13 Premise – A secret government branch is charged with tracking down and … Continue reading

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Gunnerkrigg Court, tricksters and robots

Gunnerkrigg Court is a webcomic which follows an aloof young girl in a fantasy boarding school. Or maybe a science fantasy boarding school, as some characters tend towards fantasy, while others tend towards science. The school (or the Court) is … Continue reading

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Scryer’s Gulch, Science Fantasy Western

This is a web serial novel following Annabelle Duniway, an undercover agent in a mining town. The plot is detailed in the trailer below: Now that I don’t have to explain the plot, let’s talk about why this is so … Continue reading

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