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The Hugo-nominated Novel, Parasite, by Mira Grant

Genre: Science fiction horror. Yes, really. Synopsis: It’s the future, and SymboGen Corporation has long since developed the Intestinal Bodyguard, a tapeworm living inside of people that manages their health and provides their medications without them ever having to do … Continue reading

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Agents of SHIELD: Impressions and Again with the Science

Agents of SHIELD gives me a lot of fodder to talk about bad representation of scientists in media. But, I also want to talk about my impressions of the show itself. So in an effort to keep this show from … Continue reading

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Agents of SHIELD and the Things It Really Shouldn’t Be Doing to Science

This week, on Agents of SHIELD: What is that on Simmons’ head? Oh, it’s for the surgery that she’s performing in this episode. Wait. A biochemist is performing SURGERY? What? And no, her protest that this really isn’t her field … Continue reading

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Portrayal of Science in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Pilot

I loved the pilot, but let’s talk about Truth in Television or lack thereof for the more science-y things in it. First, the good. Having three people on the team covering the scientific/technical aspects? Thank you. It’s still too little, … Continue reading

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More science in Defiance, plus a video roundup with medieval peasants, racial misunderstandings, and gorillas

Recent science in the media thing, that I’m actually pretty cool with: The 9th episode of Defiance had a plague. And instead of the silly medical-doctor-comes-up-with-a-cure-on-the-spot plot, the characters are waiting for a cure to arrive, since it’s been made … Continue reading

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Iron Man 3, because it had to happen eventually

Saw the latest Iron Man last Friday, in 2D–I heard the 3D wasn’t really worth it from some trusted sources. This made getting the ticket interesting, because the regular 2D version was noted as “Iron Man 3 D”. Apparently the … Continue reading

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Gunnerkrigg Court, tricksters and robots

Gunnerkrigg Court is a webcomic which follows an aloof young girl in a fantasy boarding school. Or maybe a science fantasy boarding school, as some characters tend towards fantasy, while others tend towards science. The school (or the Court) is … Continue reading

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