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Roundup: Catching Fire and Tamora Pierce

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire This movie went by fast. I’d read the book some time back, but I wasn’t bored for a moment even knowing where the story was going. When I watched the first Hunger Games movie last … Continue reading

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Top Ten Non-Alpha Male Heroes

It had to happen eventually. I love urban fantasy, I really do. But there are some archetypes that keep resurfacing again and again. Not in every work, and they aren’t always done badly. But in the great majority of the … Continue reading

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Things I liked about the Hunger Games Trilogy

Note: I’m working on some posts on the biology stuff I promised during my last post. I probably won’t be doing them weekly, or anything, but the first one should be out soon. Post Mockingjay, I decided to make a … Continue reading

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Upcoming SFF web series parodies pop culture

So it looks like Comediva is creating a parody web series about Hermione Granger, Katniss Everdeen, Buffy Summers, Bella Swan, Lisbeth Salander, and Michonne living in a house together. It’s called BAMF Girls Club. Definitely some interesting interactions there initially. … Continue reading

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Catching Fire: Katniss Actually Has to Deal With People

…and she’s not great at it, but that shouldn’t surprise anyone. For the media portion of this post, I’m putting in a Hunger Games song/music video posted on Strawburry17‘s YouTube channel: I can’t figure out how to do this review … Continue reading

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The Hunger Games Movie, Juxtaposition

This is a good movie. It isn’t an action movie, though, which is what I went in expecting. It’s more of a dystopia with bits of survivalist thrown in. That said, it obviously wasn’t the action that stood out. As … Continue reading

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Competition and Conflict in The Hunger Games Novel

I recently spent a day reading The Hunger Games. I know, it’s been on my to-be-read list for years. I’m late to the party. So what else is new? But that’s not the important part. The important part is that … Continue reading

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