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Media Roundup: Catching up on Warehouse 13, Finished the 1st Girl Genius novel and Psycho Pass

I’m finally getting my posts in order. Sorry about last week! It’s my second week in a new lab, and that always takes a little adjustment. Warehouse 13 Premise – A secret government branch is charged with tracking down and … Continue reading

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More science in Defiance, plus a video roundup with medieval peasants, racial misunderstandings, and gorillas

Recent science in the media thing, that I’m actually pretty cool with: The 9th episode of Defiance had a plague. And instead of the silly medical-doctor-comes-up-with-a-cure-on-the-spot plot, the characters are waiting for a cure to arrive, since it’s been made … Continue reading

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Humanoid aliens and mutated species in sci-fi

I talked about the Defiance pilot earlier this week, and its story line. Now I want to present my personal opinions on a few biology type things in the story–proof that having a healthy capacity to suspend disbelief is useful. … Continue reading

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Defiance, pilot impressions

[First, a note: I didn’t put up a post last weekend, but I did tweet letting people know that it wasn’t going to go up–so in the future, if anyone wants to know why a post isn’t there, the answer … Continue reading

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Being Human, Season 3

Being Human (US version) is back for season 3! As of now, I’m caught up on the first three episodes. Below are the first four minutes of the new season, posted by Syfy. For those who don’t know, I hopped … Continue reading

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Segue into Science: Eureka and knowledge

So, I like Eureka, the recently ended Syfy show about scientists outsmarting themselves and getting into trouble. This post isn’t about that. This post is about using something in the show as a starting point to talking about how it … Continue reading

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Alphas after Season Two, Character-Focused Television

Alphas is a superhero TV show, showing on Syfy, which centers around a group of mutants (alphas) working for the government to keep others of their kind from being a danger to society. That premise by itself opens up the … Continue reading

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