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The Originals: Family is Forever, for Better or for Worse

The Originals Genre: Supernatural Synopsis: A family of thousand year old vampires returns to their former home, New Orleans, becoming embroiled in the power struggles between vampires, witches, and werewolves. The head of the house is the paranoid, erratic, and … Continue reading

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Top Ten Badass Heroes of 2014

Now that we’ve hit 2015, I feel the urge to do a ‘best of 2014’. One entry on this list may even come as a surprise to regular readers of my blog, as the character comes from a work I … Continue reading

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TV Opinion: Continuing Shows and New Premiers, mostly SFF

Here’s the status of the show’s I’m watching and the new pilots I’ve seen, from most promising to least. The older shows have an advantage in that respect, since they’ve had the opportunity to demonstrate some lasting power. Oddly, though … Continue reading

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The Originals: Totally not what I was expecting

What, more vampires? Well, drat. Out of all the new shows I’ve tried this last fall, I’m planning to continue with almost none of them. I’ll watch Agents of SHIELD only because of the creators, and my own insistent belief … Continue reading

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