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Yurts (Ger)

So I was at a campground this week, and we ended up staying in a yurt. A yurt is kind of like a large hut; in Mongolia, I believe it’s called a ger. Historically, they were used as housing by … Continue reading

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Sights of San Francisco

Last week, I went on a trip to San Francisco. So here are some of the places we went and things we saw. There’s the Golden Gate Bridge, a suspension bridge around 1.7 miles in length. We drove over it … Continue reading

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Dishes from around the world, grilled scorpion

This post was inspired by an image at National Geographic: This image was taken in Beijing (China). I’m not typically a very adventurous eater, traveling or not, but this image got me thinking. How would you actually eat this? If … Continue reading

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Gliders at Rutgers, Atlantic crossing, Coastal Ocean Observation Lab (COOL)

Note: I’m leaving for San Francisco on Monday, but I already have posts put together for the week, so updates will continue as normally scheduled. I’ll try to respond to comments during the week as well, but just in case … Continue reading

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Last Weekend’s Trip to Cape Cod

So yeah, I went to Cape Cod last weekend. I may have forgotten to mention that, because sometimes I forget things. I’m working on it. So anyway, we headed out the first day to go swimming in the ocean. Whereupon … Continue reading

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Listen Here: Auditory City Maps

So I came across mention of a project to create city maps where people can listen to the sounds picked up by microphones in various locations in the city real-time. Sounded interesting, so I thought I’d share. Unfortunately, I couldn’t … Continue reading

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Sakura Matsuri in NYC Botanical Gardens

The cherry blossom festival at the botanical gardens in Brooklyn was last weekend. Guess where I was that Saturday? Too bad I didn’t realize until it was too late that I should have taken pictures. Oh well. Fortunately, I wasn’t … Continue reading

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