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Science in Media (or lack thereof): 12 Monkeys

Confession. I only managed to force myself to watch the first half of the first episode of 12 Monkeys–which sucks, because I was really looking forward to two STEM female characters in a show (given how I kinda relate to … Continue reading

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Science in Media: Multiple PhDs

In Agents of SHIELD, Coulson informs us that Simmons has two PhDs in fields he can’t even pronounce. In another example, Tess from Eureka has three PhDs (why would anyone do that to themselves?) I’m sure there are more. For some reason, … Continue reading

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Neurobiologist Comments on ‘Lucy’, and Volume Three of Thalia’s Musings is Impending

Ask and you shall receive? Remember when I was happy that an actual doctor commented on Game of Thrones? Now a neurobiologist has commented on the science in the movie Lucy. Here’s the article, up at World Science Festival. I haven’t actually … Continue reading

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Weird Science in Black Bullet, and Parasitic Wasps

Black Bullet, an anime which I will absolutely not continue watching, is worth mentioning to muse a bit about the biology of its premise. Premise: 10 years ago, a parasitic virus nearly wipes out humanity, before people discover a metal called … Continue reading

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Science Round-up! Captain America’s Shield, Time Travel, and Spotting Bad Science

Just sharing a few interesting science and science in the media links: Why Captain America’s Shield Is Basically a Star-Spangled Supercapacitor. “The Stuff We Don’t Do,” by Marissa Lingen This story is too short for me to give too much away, but … Continue reading

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Doctor Comments on the Realism of Game of Thrones Injuries

Here’s a link to an article, the likes of which we should definitely have more. A doctor answers questions about the injuries characters receive on Game of Thrones. I really wish I saw more articles where people consulted with experts … Continue reading

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Clarke’s Law: Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic

I wasn’t going to use any more Agents of SHIELD examples to talk about science, but this show just keeps giving me fodder. I’m ignoring a lot of it, actually. This week, the Science Cannot Comprehend Phlebotinum trope showed up. … Continue reading

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