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Season Two of The 100: Hard Choices, Survival, and Living with it Afterwards

The 100 Genre: Post-apocalyptic, sci-fi Synopsis: S1: A nuclear war has left Earth uninhabitable, and the air on a spaceship containing remnants of the human race is running out. Out of desperation, those governing the spaceship decide to send 100 … Continue reading

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The Originals: Family is Forever, for Better or for Worse

The Originals Genre: Supernatural Synopsis: A family of thousand year old vampires returns to their former home, New Orleans, becoming embroiled in the power struggles between vampires, witches, and werewolves. The head of the house is the paranoid, erratic, and … Continue reading

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Agent Carter: Kicking Ass, Building Friendships, and Moving On

Agent Carter Genre: Sci-fi/Superhero/Historical Synopsis: After the war and the loss of Captain America, Peggy Carter comes home to a job at the Strategic Scientific Reserve (SSR) where her co-workers treat her like a secretary. Then her former colleague Howard … Continue reading

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Outlander, and the Unfortunate Misstep Concluding the First Half of Season One

Genre: Historical/Drama/Romance Synopsis: Claire, a WWII nurse, gets mysteriously transported to 18th century Scotland. And thus ends up in the middle of the conflict between the Scots and the English–which is awkward as she’s an Englishwoman who ends up becoming … Continue reading

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Ascension: It’s Awkward

Short post this week, and probably next week–I’ve got a big presentation coming up, and am concentrating on finishing¬†up some experiments for that. Genre: Sci-fi Synopsis: Due to fears that the Cold War could degenerate into a devastating conflict, the … Continue reading

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Teen Wolf: From Awful to Pretty Good in Four Seasons

Genre:¬†Supernatural Synopsis: S1: Normal teenager Scott gets turned into a werewolf, and has to learn about what he is while trying to figure out who turned him into a wolf in the first place, and why. S2: Things come to … Continue reading

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Science in Media (or lack thereof): 12 Monkeys

Confession. I only managed to force myself to watch the first half of the first episode of 12 Monkeys–which sucks, because I was really looking forward to two STEM female characters in a show (given how I kinda relate to … Continue reading

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