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The Final Formula and The Blood Alchemist: A Blend of Urban Fantasy, Chemistry, and Fun

Genre: Urban fantasy Synopsis: Addie is an alchemist who can’t remember what happened to her since the night the the institute housing the greatest alchemists in the country exploded. She creates a potion to try to restore her memory, but … Continue reading

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Fall 2014 TV: Morganville and Psycho-Pass

Note: I was going to include my thoughts on Flash here, but they’re too long. I’ll give that show it’s own post sometime later this week. Morganville: The Series Genre: Supernatural/Urban fantasy Synopsis: Based on the young adult urban fantasy … Continue reading

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Review Roundup: Thorn and Mind Games

Thorn by Intisar Khanani Genre: YA Fairy Tale retelling Synopsis: A retelling of the Goose Girl. Princess Alyrra grows up in a cruel household, until she is sent away to marry a foreign prince. However, an attack from without and betrayal … Continue reading

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Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Authors I Own The Most Books From

From The Broke and the Bookish, a new Top Ten Tuesday topic. Looks like series authors have a serious advantage, for this list. Also long-standing authors. I’m only counting full-length novels. 1. Kelley Armstrong Books Owned: 19 Genre: Urban fantasy, YA urban … Continue reading

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The Immortal Rules: Humanity versus Survival

Genre: Post-apoc/urban fantasy Synopsis: Allie is an Unregistered–this means she isn’t on the list to give blood regularly to the vampires ruling her city, but it also means she isn’t approved for the rights of the Registered. Like having jobs. … Continue reading

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The Originals: Totally not what I was expecting

What, more vampires? Well, drat. Out of all the new shows I’ve tried this last fall, I’m planning to continue with almost none of them. I’ll watch Agents of SHIELD only because of the creators, and my own insistent belief … Continue reading

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The Cassandra Palmer series by Karen Chance

Karen Chance has a bunch of free fiction set in this universe, for anyone who wants to try her work. To avoid an overflow of backstory and spoilers for the series, I’d recommend “The Gauntlet” and “The Queen’s Witch“, which … Continue reading

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