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Video Roundup: Hollywood stereotypes, graduation comedy, and cosplay

First video is another comedy song from Rhett and Link, about graduating. It’s probably not a surprise anymore that I think they write some funny songs. The next video is from Mama Hope, dealing with Hollywood Stereotypes of African Men. … Continue reading

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More science in Defiance, plus a video roundup with medieval peasants, racial misunderstandings, and gorillas

Recent science in the media thing, that I’m actually pretty cool with: The 9th episode of Defiance had a plague. And instead of the silly medical-doctor-comes-up-with-a-cure-on-the-spot plot, the characters are waiting for a cure to arrive, since it’s been made … Continue reading

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Comedic Music, “Yo Mama Battle (of compliments)”

I decided that this video deserved its own post. This is the kind of stuff I love most from Rhett and Link. It’s funny, and it takes a concept and spins it around on its head. And of course, takes … Continue reading

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Video Roundup: Medieval Batman, Polio, and Water Tribe Noodles

I’ve got a few too many videos to share with you guys, so here’s a roundup post. The plot for the Batman movies as pitched by a medieval writer to his king: A 3 minute documentary on the difficulty of polio vaccination … Continue reading

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This post lacks a theme, but has many links and a tiny almost-rant

First off, I created a new page this week, where I list standing recommendations for works across different types of media, for anyone interested. There’s a link somewhere at the top of the page. Additionally, I just found out that … Continue reading

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The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, which you don’t have to be a fan of Jane Austen to enjoy

(Sorry I’m posting a little later than usual; I was working on a presentation and forgot what day it was.) The Lizzie Bennet Diaries web series ended last week, so I figured I should go ahead and talk about it. … Continue reading

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Video Share: Aging and Invisible Dog

Anyone who follows this blog probably knows that while weekly reviews are a staple, I sometimes vary up my weekend content a little.  Today I’m sharing two very different videos. First is a pretty well done explanation of aging for … Continue reading

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